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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
12:20 am
It looks like I found my bad boy!!!

I always had the leather fetish and they go great with bad boys.I dont even know if I mentioned Eric on here, but dont want to get back into all that.He was a guess a boyfriend for like a week.After knowing him for 3 days things went really really far way to fast.By the 1st hour alone we were making out in a parking lot and by the 3rd date, he was sleeping with me in my bed.He wanted to go farther then I've decided to go with any man unless it is Seann William Scott, so I figured he would leave me alone and I would be single again.He kept calling me but never called back.I think my friends that I was being mean and I guess I was but I didnt like how far I went within knowing this guy for a few days.He even wanted to get that hotel room still.About a week ago I was told Eric went missing.He hadnt showed up for work in 4 days.About 3 days ago he showed up at my work with 3 girls and this other guy I had met before.Now today things have really hit hard.Do you think $3,000 is a lot of money?I do!It turns out Eric, who is a manager of one of the stores, stole $3,000 over the weekend.He was fired today.He had bought the leather jacket I told him to buy, and an engangement ring.I was told that Eric has a fiance and was getting married.He is only 20, that is way to soon in my opinion because he apparently already has a kid.Yet he is gay or atleast he was that night in my bed.
Saturday, December 31st, 2005
8:20 am
Well Christmas came and left.I got all dvd's for christmas.Buffy,Roswell,Angel,the rest of the Gilmore Girls seasons,Charmed,Dark Angel,One Tree Hill,Tru Calling, and finally the next Xena season for my set, season 4.

I overdrew on my bank account a few weeks back and havent been going to the bank just cashing my check at work.I paid that back this week and have a positive amount in my account for $57.13, lol.

I am so happy but mom and Kent finally seperated.He moved out a few weeks ago.I give my mom about $50-$100 a week for bills and I like that.I feel like an adult.Paying bills and all that and getting to make those decisions.

We are gonna be moving in about a month.I'll be able to transfer, the boss has already found me a location.They dont sell beer there and only stay open till 11.

I didnt talk to ANYONE for christmas and vice-versa.I called Ashley, but she never called back.Alysia never returned my call or email.My one night stand with Eric is still just that,I havent talked to Daniel and I had a few email moments with Angela a week before christmas, but I dont think they mean anything about our friendships finale.Heidi never returned my email about her presents a month ago, so I put two and two together and realized what had happened.I was hurt, but not to hard.I ended up returning the gifts last week after I realized she had gone home and back and never stopped by.

Fisher is a name of a band.I want their CD!!!
Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
8:54 pm
So much has happened this week.I remember talking about getting new registers at work and thats it.The new registers arent very fun, but not hard at all.The thing is we had to scan everything in the store into the computer.So to do this we had a few other people help us and a few managers from other stores.Well one of the guys was named Eric, and I had a feeling he was gay.We didnt have the connection that meant we were gonna be good friends, more like a "There's only room for one gay person here" kinda vibe at first.He kept doing my work for me.When I was supposed to do something he would come and help.I wasnt in one fo my happy moods that day so I was being a bit of a bitch.Later that night he sayed "I think we have a smart ass on our hands".Not a big diss, because it was true, but he said it in front of a higher boss named Sally.Luckily Sally knows me, and she new I wasnt making trouble much.Later that night I was talking to one of our helpers and telling her I was going to go pick up Simpsons Season 7.Eric overheard this and said he would take me.I was kinda shocked but I figured it didnt matter how I got there.It was weird though.We werent getting along and he was super loud and talkative, but when we were going to walmart he was so quiet and shy.I picked up the dvd for $30 and we talked a while then we left.The next day was weird because he came back to the store again.Then he came back AGAIN Thursday!After work he took me and my mother to IHOP.Then he wanted to go back to Walmart with me.We hung out there for a while, then he took me to the Lowes parking lot.20 minutes later he asked if he could kiss me!Little did I know that one kiss was gonna lead to a hell of a lot more, and some leather action for me!:)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
7:15 am
I finally finished 2 of my tv shows on dvd collections this week.I picked up Buffy Season 6, so I have the complete series.It took about 3-4 years and I cant open it until Christmas.I also picked up the Roswell Season 3 dvd.With all the drama going on right now, I can honestly say that watching Roswell has helped me so much!It makes me happy, I feel like I act alot like a certain person on the show, and I reflect on that character alot in normal life.

No word from Angela or Alysia so it is safe to say I wont be getting either of them or Dayton or Brian anything this year.I really needed to give Daniel a heads up about Angela, so he would give up on her.He did come to my work today.It's hard to explain, but he didnt come inside but he made sure I knew he was there.He used his credit card to get gas and had a friend with him and just left.I was a little hurt, but didnt matter much.He gave me his boots last week, so he doesnt seem as cute anymore!

Duane came in tonight and we talked for a little bit.Work was slow and I love talking to him.We talked about Green Bay Packers and me being from Wisconsin.I actually had a great time talking about football!

Dusti is going into surgery early next month, she is supposed to come see me tomorrow.Kara went to the ER room because she said she had the flu and the Doc said to stay gone until Friday, so I have to work for her tomorrow.We get new registers tomorrow and Simpsons Season 7 comes out, so I'll pick that up and look over it at work.

Amber, Seans whife, came in tonight amd was talking and I cant say what she she said, but it was about her being a part lesbian and going after a chick!Thats perfect I hope that means I have a shot with Sean!Steven came in tonight twice which was a nice thing, but he wasn wearing the leather jacket either time.
Friday, December 9th, 2005
6:45 am
By the end of the weekend I may lose my last friend.

I'm off for the next two days!I go back in Sunday afternoon.Within 24-48 hours I may lose Angela.She was, or is, my best friend tied for first place.Kari doesnt count considering she may turn into my family and turn into my enemy or something.Angela cant handle taking blame for anything when she screws up so she changes the story and lays the blame elsewhere.The Thanksgiving plans that were made for Friday, she says were for Saturday, and goes on to say that she even went looking for us.To make me feel bad.When I mention this to Daniel, he confirms we had plans for Friday too.That doesnt change anything to her, just that I am now "drama" and she is fed up.Funny I could have kepy my mouth shut and played stupid like always and kepy my best friend, but I chose to stand up to her.She went on to mention a dvd of mine she has and says she is gonna mail mine AFTER she gets hers first.I think two things:

#1 I may finally have no friends, and am not surprised.

#2 That my best friend, who is like 26, has got to be the most immature person I have met.Acting this way, kinda shames me to even call her my friend.She acting like a two year old, when she used to be so sophisticated and cool.

The thing that haunts me is:

Ben lasted 3 years
Alysia lasted 7 years
Ashley lasted nearly 8 years
Angela lasted about 4 years

Not one of these people, who all decided to leave me, have I wept over.I havent shed a tear for any of these people.They all have hurt me so much and caused so much pain and treated me like I was a freak at one time or another.Yet I have no emotion over them leaving.I have become so numb and so heartless that these people that meant the world to me have become nothing but memories.Sure I miss them all at times, but the fact that they never try to think about me or talk to me or anything makes me realize I have no place for people in my life.They let you down.They stab you in the back.They take you out with other people they love just to show you how much they want to break you heart and laugh at you.I have over 800 entries in my journal and no one reads it anymore.Even Alysia who used to spy just to find conflict has fled the scene.I never even got a call when she got enganged.Why cant I cry about any of this?Why is it I love these 4 people so much, but all I can think about is this customer named Steven I talk to everyday at work who has a leather coat that I have a crush on!I told him today, "I love your coat", and he smiled his flirty smile and said thanks.These people or just emotions I cant find anymore and the real reason I dont try to find a boyfriend, yet they are still clueless as to why I wont date, or go to the clubs with them.Angela was special though.She bought me my first bratz doll.Finally, 120 bratz later she decides that I'm not worth it anymore.She's making the right decision.

Current Mood: numb
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
3:54 am
Damn, everybody is fuckin cranky or acting like little bitches right now.The rest of the pack is to busy or avoiding.

Ashley-Hasnt answered the past few days and hasnt called back.

Alysia-I actually called her, but busy.I emailed, but nothing yet.

Angela-last year we werent friends for xmas and I think there will be a sequal this year.I even found her a man!

Heidi-playing poker and hasnt gotten to my email yet

Kari-is in jail, and cant call due to her restrictions after one week.

Mike-has been a creep for the past month, but might hook up for a leather christmas

Sean-Might hook up if he gets leather BEFORE christmas

Daniel-he's pist at Angela so isnt a good idea to talk to him much because I might make things worse.

The other Sean is going to Disney World with his family, but I havent seen him yet this week.

Everyone is just wrong right now.I have like 20 days till christmas.I want to get Josh,Ben, Brian, Chris, Brandyn, Zilda, Amber and Dusti something for christmas.I've asked everyone.No one has asked what I want except Heidi.It's supposed to snow Tomorrow night late and me and Angela are gonna have words.Along with Daniel's two cents in the background.When will this year end!

The Biker Sean gave me a cigarette last week when I got into a quarrel with the trashy people, I might need to smoke it.Camel lights, but it might help.LOL

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, December 5th, 2005
4:41 am
So It turns out my best friend IS in jail!

She has been in for a little under a week, and cant make phone calls to Shaun already!!!

~Guilty by association~

Current Mood: shocked
Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
7:33 am
I finally bought Mr. & Mrs. Smith today!I dont believe I waited all week to get it.I paid the 19.97, but I got Life or something like it for free!

I'm off tomorrow!Any Plans?NO!!!I do have to call Ash I guess, but the rest of the day I will be doing nothing but watching movies.
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
6:32 am
Last Friday me, Angela and Daniel had plans to go out.I heard about it from Angela's lips that Sunday and that was the last I had heard from her.Tuesday, I found out that Angela had invited Elizabeth to go with us!It was bad enough having to go with Daniel, and trying to have my only day off watching these two get to know each other.Next thing you know I find out she is going!Naturally when Friday comes around Daniel calls me screaming about why I havent called him yet!It was only noon!I tell him he wants to go out he has to call Angela.Obviously she doesnt answer and he calls the house number the rest of the night.During this time he is yelling at me!Like this is my fault and blows me off.He was such an ass you couldnt imagine.The past few days he's being coming to my work with a 'tude!

I come online and find 7 emails from Angela!
The worst part is that all 7 are forwarded emails like chain letters and crap.She didnt send one lousy email directly to me to explain herself!She owes me that!I bet anything she went out with Elizabeth and blew us off.I'm loving this best friend!
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
7:24 am
I was off for the biggest shopping day of the year!I was talking to Heidi that night and we talked about presents for each other.She was going out shopping that day too.I was set to go out with Angela and Daniel after I was done.

I went to Best Buy to get the first two seasons of the Shield.I already have season 3.I got those then went to Target.They had bratz for $10 but were all sold out.I got Lord of the Rings for $6 though!They had the first and third, the two I need!I bought 2 of each a set for me and a set for Heidi.I also found Roswell Season 1 for $40 so I got that for myself!I told Heidi I wanted it for xmas, but I still need season 3!

Finally I went to Hastings and bought this:

High Tension for $7
Gia for $5
Two Buffy action figures one of her and one of Faith for $10
And a few cd's for $4 each!
Now music 18, has a bunch of goodies!
Cranberries cd that has "zombie"on it!
And the last spice girls cd that has "holler"

I also picked up this Diva's live Vh1 concert cd for a $1, because it has a great live version of Mariah Carey's "My All" with a dance ending!

I am now broke, but it was worth it!
7:15 am
I have tons to update about!With my bad memory I dont even know how much of this I wrote about already.First thing is my co-workers.I've gone through Crystal and a a guy named Jonathan.Crystal was a faforite and I helped her get this job, but one day she just didnt show up and never returned.So Jonathan, on his first day off training had to stay at work from 6 A.m. to 6 P.m.

She later told Kara that It had to do with Me!How I wasnt doing my work and she was having to do it all.Yet she told me that she quit because she was having to do all Kara's work.The damn bitch would always bug me when I was doing my work anyway.I also found out she does drugs!LOL, loser.

Jonathan lasted for about a week.On his first day he told Crystal he was an asswhole and on thanksgiving he never showed up and I havent seen him since.Idiot!On thanksgiving you get time and a half.I was supposed to work 8 hours but ended up working 12 hours!My check is gonna be fierce!

Me and Kara are really getting along like friends, seriously!We have a new girl named Jean working so lets see how she does!:)
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
10:56 pm
Also this past week I knew Friends Season 10 was coming out and every store had the previous seasons for $20 so I had to get them.I already had Season 1,2,5, and 6.This week I bought Season 3,4,7,8, and 9.I have everything except the 10th!

I also bought Nightmare before Christmas for $10
10:50 pm
I rented Resident Evil 4 this past week.It looked amazing and harder then the other games.I suck at most games so I knew I would be bad at this game.The bad guys move a hell of a lot faster than the zombies do in the other games, and you have to kill like 14 people in one area in the first 10 minutes of the game and I couldnt get past it.I was so bad I bought the guide book for $18 and still couldnt do it.I had the game for 7 days and bought this 250 page book for it.When I returned the game I had to return the book, yet the same day I go buy Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero!

I should have hust bought the damn Bratz game!
Friday, November 4th, 2005
10:19 pm
Damn, It's been nearly a month since I've updated again.I have like 800 entries, so I dont really have that much left in a life time to say.

Halloween this year, was probably the worst in a long time.It wasnt so much bad as it was just difficult.One you realize that the people that were in your life less than one year ago have vanished, and you really dont have anybody to talk to anymore, where do you do from there.I'm perfectly fine with the "no friends, but have cash" life-style.It's just that I've lost so many friends within a year, and then a few days ago your past comes back and you say "what the fuck happened".

You never forget your very first best friend.For me, it was a girl who lived down the road named Carrie Converse.We were best buds for over 8 years until I moved down south about 8 years ago.I had always wondered that happened to her?Did she die?Does she remember me?Did she find happiness?What?Well a few days ago my half-brother called me at work and said "Hey, I got a girl pregnant, guess who!"My first response was an old flame I loved so much named Tiffany, but it turned out to Be Carrie.He had gotten my Best friend pregnant!He told me she was gonna call me that night, and she did.She had remembered so much about me and she was so genuinely happy to talk to me!We vowed to get back our friendship but with her being with my brother gives me the wiggens.They are talking about marriage, so I would be related to her!

Also, Angela is talking about wanting me to move with her to Austin again, Daniel is promising to never smoke or drink again, and Ben started smoking!~WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE~

"They've all gone mad!"~Dustin

Current Mood: shocked
Monday, October 10th, 2005
10:57 pm
Well I made it back from the party in one peice.I found out that there was a bratz buy 2 get a 3rd free sale at toysrus and I had to go.I was gonna go pick up Toy Story on Dvd for Dayton anyway,My first stop was gonna be to Ashley's.When we arrived in Bossier, my stomach did a flip-flop all the way there.When we arrived to Ben's house Ashley was just stepping outside.She said she would be gone!She atleast waved to me, so I knew she would be decent to me.I give her this huge amazon box full of hers and Bens stuff.She goes into her house and gets my box and it's the size of a shoe box!What the hell!Where is everything Zilda said she was gonna replace?My fountain of Wayne cd was burned.So I guess he kept it and brned me a copy.My Sum 41 cd doesnt even look like it will play and the others look even worse.Ben never did take very good care of my cds.I dont know if it was the hatred or what.I stayed for about 3 minutes and then she kinda gave me the brush off when her actress showed up for her music video.I didnt care though.I had a bratz sale to get to!!!!

When I arrived at toysrus I noticed they had a buy one get one half off on all dvds as well.So I bought Toy Story and The Rescuers.For my bratz sale I bought a secret date Meygan along with Dylan,The second set of twiins, and bratz head gamez which comes with 4 different alternating heads.They were $30 each so I paid $60.Then I bought Dynamite Meygan,Birthday Yasmin and Tokyo Yasmin which were 9.99 and 12.98.So I used about $120 at toysrus.

When I got to Angela's a pair of her friends were already there.We said hey and then things died down for me.We didnt speak much and the more people that showed up the more gum I put into my mouth.By the time Alysia showed up I had 6 pieces of gum in my mouth.Chris was wearing leather, Damn him, LOL.Brian didnt show.Alysia seemed nice.She sat on me and then I couldnt really hear her so I said lets go get air.I found out how she was doing and by the time that was over she said they were singing happy birthday.They did it without us!I stayed outside and Alysia I think said she would be right back and she never really did, LOL.I was grateful.I had a reason to stay outside away from the kids and married people.30 minutes later she came outside and I was caught.She left soon after and then we spent like an hour trying to figure out what to do.When I finally did get home I came home to another bratz and another leather movie!Also I showed Angela the pic of Daniel and we may have a hook up! *sparks*
Saturday, October 8th, 2005
12:01 am
Today is gonna be a landmark day regardless of what goes down.I actually have plans to go to Daytons Birthday today and will get to see Angela!I have not seen her in 5 months and change.It has been so long that since the last time I've seen her I have 48 new bratz!Thats awful.I know for sure that I will see her if I go into town and on the way I'm going to pick up Toy Story on dvd for Dayton as well as shopping for more bratz before I see her again.The thing is that the people at this party arent going to be my "cup of tea" kind of people.Older people, really young people, and married straight people.What the hell is a gay man gonna do at this party!?Brian might show up.I dont know if he knows I will be there and I dont know if he cares.I havent seen him Since early June, so thats 4 months for him thats been 40 bratz ago.Alysia might also be there(also been for 48 bratz, due to the fact I saw them both on the same day).I really hope they show up, but if Alysia shows up and Chris is by her side I dont think we will get to talk at all.Chris isnt fond of me at all.As for Brian I cant tell.So I might be corner-bound at this party.The really bomb shell is that I might get a glimpse of Ashley or atleast I'll see the old house again.She probably wont be home.I have gotten 66 Bratz since the last time I've seen her!About 1 more month and it will be 1 entire year!She has to do a music video thing for school.Earlier this week she was asking if she coud use my house, me as an actor and if she could come over that night.When I called her today about trying to get together for a bit when I'm in town.She didnt try very damn hard to pencil me in!It's due in like a week and she's waiting till now!She didnt seem to give a damn about me coming into town, but she did ask me to drop off her horror movie project cause she needs it.I said I would actually, and I said while I'm at it she should leave me my stuff that Ben had and that His mom and Zilda apparently bought me for the stuff they said Ben took to Houston or ruined and all that.I'd like to see if it's true.Atleast I'll get my stuff back or alteast we shall see.I told Ashley to make sure her mom and Karen know I'm there because knowing their feelings for me they'll probably call the cops on me.More or less Karen will, lol.So tomorrow will have plenty of action for me!What a great way to spend my Saturday off.Angela wants to go to the gay bar but my foot is broken(dramatically speaking)so I'll be home early probably.As usual, I'll take notes and post for me to mock about the events in the future.Goodnight

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
7:05 pm
I'm off tomorrow!Yeah, I guess.I have no plans yet, but thats cool.Last week in a two day period I bought Season 1 and Season 4 of the Gilmore Girls.Damn, that was $100.I finally found Shaolin Soccer!I got that for $10.I got some Leather movies in the mail today!LOL.The best thing to happen though was that I actually talked to Ashley.She called me Friday.That is supposed to be my luckiest day of the week.We talked until I had to go to work, I wish we could have talked longer, but people get tired of me so fast.Daniel showed up at my work a few days ago with a new truck and I talked to him outside for about 30 minutes!Damn, I didnt get in trouble or anything but I felt bad.He got me a picture of him and he came back up to see me twice today.Mike came in last night and things felt very odd between us.When he left he didnt even say a word to me, but yet Daniel the ego Straight guy was sweet!Freaky shit going on around here!:)
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
8:21 am
I had no idea today was the 23rd!About an hour ago I emailed Ashley.It has been 4 months since we have spoken I emailed her not realizing today was out annaversary of the last time we spoke.I have yet to get one of those mail demon return things.It's really sad but I dont even know if the girl is alive!Heidi lives with her freakin next door neighbor and I wish they would atleast tell me she is ok, but I know Ben is still Irate with me,and Heidi hasnt spoken to me in over a month either.So why woud they want to make me feel better?

Dammit now I'm depressed!

Current Mood: depressed
7:38 am
I havent udated for a little while.Things have been crazy as usual.I've been working mornings for almost two weeks now.Rekia who has been there the longest was fired, for clocking out late and leaving early.So I'M the person who's been there the longest!LOL.I got my raise Monday so thats good, I think I deserve it.I havent had a single day off in over 13 days.I havent been able to try to talk to anybody and I havent even been able to watch all these damn tvshows on dvd I bought.I still have Will and Grace season 4, King of the Hill Season 3, Boy Meets World Season 2, Pretender Season 1, ER Season 1, Queer as Folk Season 1 and my newest dvds-Desperate housewives Season 1, The Shield Season 3, and Alias Season 2 and I bought the Species Trilogy that just came out and I've only watched The new Bratz movie 4 times!

Right now my store is hiring, but with this town they have something to hide from their background, cant pass a drug test or their references say dont hire them.We had a girl train Tuesday, work 8 hours and then come in the next day and train with me for two hours and then quit because she said she foud a job that pays like 50 cents to a dollar more!She lasted 10 hours!It was hilarious.Sure I'm tired, but you have to look at the bright side!:)
Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:01 pm
Work has been nuts this week.Saturday, Rebeca was supposed to work 5-1 in the morning.I was to get off at 5.She called at 4:35 and said she wont be in for 3 days.You have to give a 2 hour notice, so I'm sure she'll be let go.I had to work from 11:00 that afternoon until 1:30 that night.On Saturday, which is our bussiest day, there is always2 people working.My legs are so sore, but I'm not really mad at her.After I got my 40 hours, I get time and a half.So I have 17 hours over time, so my check will be crazy cool this week!I have low self-esteem alot of the time but I'm really proud of myself being able to handle the store by myself.I had one drunk, that I handled myself, and I actually had to cut him off from buying beer and my register was over $6, so everything was fine.I got a 27 inch bratz from Kbtoys.com Saturday.She costs $100 but I only paid $20!I bought several My Scenes from Toysrus, which just came in today, and tomorrow The Bratz movie comes out!Within the week I will have more leather movies show up to!Earlier they were in Dallas so they might be here tomorrow.Tomorrow me and Mike have dinner plans.I have to get to walmart tonight so I better go.
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